You will be shocked to hear Salman Khan’s fees for Big Boss 14!!


The mega movie star also the host of Big Boss, our very familiar and known Sallu Bhai but do you know how much is he paid for Big Boss.

Well we are all aware of what a big hit Big Boss is, especially after the season 13 with contestants like Shehnaz and Siddharth Shukla and how they are going on strong with the fame they collected.

Well Indian audiences love to watch the chemistry, fights, dramas and also weekend ka war with Salman Khan where he assembles and take a class of every contents. The TRP of the show has been the highest and is doubling each year.

For this season Salman Khan is said to charge a whooping, jaw dropping amount of 250 Crores !!! Oh yess you heard it right. 250 CR.

Sallu Bhai is said to shoot 2 episodes for every week which is shot together in one day and later broken into 2. That means 10CR for each episode and 20 CR in just one day.

Now that’s something to be jealous of. Well we hope to see the show soon which will start to air somewhere in mid of October.

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