Will Diljit Please his Punjabi Fan’s this time?


The Punjabi industry and the fan’s were excited and interested after Diljit shared his upcoming movie, ‘GOODNEWZZ’ poster.But the reaction’s have been mixed ever since the trailer came out.

Diljit is romacing the ‘Kabir Singh’ fame,KiaraAdwani who are potrayed to be a couple inefficient of giving birth,following which they consult a maternity clinic and desire to get a kid through IVF.The same problem is faced by the leading duo ,Akshay and Kareena too!

We see Diljit carrying forward a bold plot which Is now a ball at the Punjabi audience,as they have always seen their Punjabi Rockstar in sensitive and social role’s like Punjab1984 and Surma.We are proud of Diljit to chose a bold and new concept for his upcoming movie with Akshay Kumar but are afraid of the audience reaction towards it as Diljit is carrying a plot which quite many fan’s in Punjab would find uncomfortable to sit and enjoy with families.

We still send our best wishes to Diljit and the whole team.

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