TV Actor Malvi Malhotra’s Attacker Nabbed By Mumbai Police In Mumbai’s Vasai Area


As per reports accused Yogesh Mahipal Singh who attacked TV actress Malvi Malhotra has been traced by Mumbai Police in Vasai in a hospital.

It was shocking to know TV actress Malvi Malhotra being stabbed by an individual and later fleeing from the spot. As per reports in PTI, the culprit has been now traced down by Mumbai Police, however, he is yet to be arrested as he is hospitalized. Named Yogesh Mahipal Singh, the accused was tracked down by the cops on Tuesday night in a hospital located in Vasai, Mumbai suburbs. He had stabbed the actress in her abdomen and both her hands while she was in Versova on Monday.
As per the actress, the reason behind his rage was her refusal to his marriage proposal. The cops who nabbed him said, “He has not yet been arrested as he is hospitalised for some treatment.” As per the further report, the official shared that another team will be soon going to Vasai hospital to investigate this matter. After attacking Malvi, he fled in a car, the actress is currently recuperating in a private hospital in Mumbai.
Malvi had told the official in charge of this case, of knowing the accused for a year now and his interest in terms of marriage as well. However, she did not give a nod to it.

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