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From time’s in memorial ,we have heard of messengers by God. Be it all the fairy-tale’s our grandmother’s recited us or of all the biblical figures we were told that were sent by God to help the poor , it still seemed to be a vivid blur dream.But , lately we feel that a similar figure has taken away the heart’s of the aam aadmi.Anmol Kwatra , is one such person who has won heart’s across Punjab and also in the punjabi industry.

Hailing from Ludhiana , a 23 year old Anmol took the wand of humanity into his hands a few years aback when he realized that quality of human life was rapidly falling. He has been selflessly serving all the BPL citizen’s by getting them sufficient funds and instant medical care to their rescue.He and his team make specific video’s after serving some of their patient’s to raise awareness on the growing ignorance of people towards their parents or humanity.He has picked up many social issues and his words have politically been a matter of discussion too.

He started across his hometown and he very soon established himself as a social-worker. The talks of his deeds spread as fast as fire on social media and he started receiving all the love from Punjabi industry too! Ninja , was amongst his highest supporters.

His stardom began to rose and he stepped into the punjabi industry , thence, making his debut into the industry with his song , “Daleriyan” which received alot of love from everyone.

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Kida ji…! Ki haal chal ji.?😌

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He could not stay away from the eyes of the man who has always given the industry fresh new talent , Gippy Grewal. Gippy gave him a golden chance in his highly anticipated project , “Ik Sandhu hunda si”. Anmol in addition to recognition also received appreciation for his work and we hope the doors have opened for him and we’d be seeing more of him in the industry now.

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