Sunil Grover is insecure and uses pretty girls as props!!


The Guthi fame very popular comedian Suniel Grover who is very popular for his roles and funny characters like Dr Mashoor Ghulati recently said in an interview he doesn’t care about the trolls.

This statement surfaced amid Shilpa shinday whose also another popular comedian fame from Bhabiji Ghar par hain and was Big boss finalist said that Suniel Grover only wants pretty girls to stand around him like props and is very insecure about his talent and thinks only he can do comedy.

She gave this interview after quitting the very new show “Gangs of Filmistan” which included Suniel Grover and herself too. Seems like she is quite disappointed after shooting a couple episodes with Grover.

Tiff between the most popular comedians is nothing new news to our ears. Kapil Sharma and Suniel Grover went through a really rough patch all throughout shooting for Comedy Nights with Kapil show which aired for many years. Contestants use to flick some words and address the uncomfortable fights they would have on sets and one time a huge fight also took place an International flight, video of which surfaced Internet some years back.

Well we can only hope to let them resolve all the issues because we love to watch them on Screen.

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