In times of crisis when the whole world is at lockdown, the industry has fallen cold too.

Apparently there is nothing left for them to offer the audience as everything requires a proper release function and media interaction which cannot be made possible at the moment. No one is certain as to when would the lockdown end. Even when it does, it would take time for the audience to get back on track and walk out of their homes to the cinema halls.

Meanwhile, the king of Punjabi music industry, is back again with “Gurbaksh Gwacheya”.The song basically focuses on the current situation of INDIA. It’s completely referring to the corona-virus pre and after affects to the citizens of INDIA and how is it impacting globally.

Talking about the title, Sidhu is basically referring to Baldev singh who was the first one to come to Punjab with the disease and allegedly he infected his grandson too. Sidhu is in a poetic way explaining and singing the tale of the deaths the virus has caused. He is specifying how the death is circling past the village because of Baldev’s case now.

In the ending verse, he is advising all of the people to sit inside and not move out , as it will lead to an array of deaths. He says if we don’t sit inside Punjab would become a deathbed.

The song is a very beautiful initiative by Sidhu Moosewala. While singer’s in their meantime are cooking and fighting over whether to post their workout routines or not, Sidhu came out with the most creative idea. Knowing of his influence over the audience, which apparently is very powerful, he released a song with a graphical animated video advising his fans to sit inside in a very rural touch.

We thank Sidhu for spreading awareness with his project.

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