Shooter is a project which has been in the eye’s ever since it’s beginning. Shooter is basically a film portraying the life incident’s of the dreaded gangster of Punjab , “Sukha Kahlon”.Sukha kahlon is a famed gangster , who is believed to have been strategically shot in front of the Phagwara police.

This project was to be Jayy Randhawa’s turning point in his career but eventually turn of event’s have been unfortunate and the film is facing a lot of hurdle’s by the course of time. It was originally banned.

It was previously banned from its release by CM Captain Amrinder Singh, because of the offensive content it had to offer. He supposed it to be of violent content.Following this, trial’s had begun in the court for resolving the issue.

Shockingly , instead of getting to a conclusion, we learn that the filmmaker’s have made more of blunder’s than this.Its a shock to learn that the Punjab and Haryana High Court have been informed by the  Centre that the film does not possess a Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) certificate ,thereby , it stay’s out of public reach.

On February 14 , The inside counsel got it to the eyes of the court that the film makers have still not sent the film for examination by the central board , and thereby doesnot possess a major certificate , failing which , it wont be able to enter the silver screen.

An FIR has been lodged against the producer already and action is being taken.Shooter’s commercial’s and display’s have been banned from being screened too!Now the left is the fate of the movie! 

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