Neha Dhupia has been a person of interest since a very long time. She has been in the limelight ever since she gave away her statement in ROADIES. The tag that goes around is “It’s her choice” and has apparently gathered a lot of criticism for not only Neha herself but her husband and infact her new born daughter too. Reacting to which Neha took to her social handle’s to appeal to everyone, not to include her daughter and her dad in the fuss caused by her statements. Supporting her was Raftaar appealing the same to the audience.

Talking about her daughter, Neha was blessed with a beautiful daughter recently, who they named MEHR.This was not very late since she got married. Infact, Neha was three months pregnant already, when she got married to Angad Bedi. Neha’s parents blasted the two of them, and her mother even suffered a nosebleed due to stress. They later on announced it after being married.

They privately tied a knot in chandigarh and there were no whereabouts to anyone of this event. The two had shocked their fans when they announced their marriage, and ended up upsetting few of their close friends, including cricketer Yuvraj Singh, for not informing them about it. Well, Neha had gained weight since a long time, reason why people could not make it out on her wedding but her no-show lehnga had surely gave birth to doubt’s in the mind of people.

Well we cannot bet on our sources, but , according to them, Neha had apparently forced Angad to get married to him. Angad was alleged to be in a live-in relationship with Nora Fatehi for a while since neha and angad had stopped seeing each other. When Neha found out she was pregnant, she forced Angad to take responsibility and marry her , breaking with Nora.

Sources also claim that at first, Angad wasn’t very happy with their marriage , but being a man of his word he held on to the responsibility and decided to begin a family with her. We have no whereabouts of Nora’s statements but if this was the case, we are sorry for Nora.

Coming back to Neha’s relationship, they say they weren’t sure of it until Karan Johar made them realise it, “Can you not see this?! Are you blind?”

Neha’s statements have always raised criticism and hatred but now it has started reaching out to her new-born daughter Mehr too. We wish Neha start’s mending her way’s and her application with her figure of speech because the audience is surely not loving it.

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