Sidhu has been all in the news since his show got cancelled at jalandhar due to NGO’s revolting against his vulnerable lyrics and content. Despite all the hatred coming his way, he still remained calm and kept on re-assuring his fans that he would be coming back and coming back stronger.

He dropped his latest song from his channel ,”Tibbeyan da Putt”.

Singer & Lyrics/Composers:Sidhu Moosewala
Music : The Kidd
Director:Hunny Singh and Pulkit Setia Pk


Sidhu has unexpectedly touched emotions by portraying the village he hails from in a heart-stirring manner. He hasn’t over-boarded and buttered up his birthplace like he does himself in other song’s rather kept the feel raw. He undoubtedly made us believe that he is nothing different from other’s and is a simple person who grew up in a rather poor and rough surrounding.

The lyrics have been penned down , as it seem’s, very deeply and thoughtfully. The video start’s raw and this time it’s more enthralling as we see something very natural. We see kids excited to see sidhu travelling to his village , “Moosa”. To their regret, they see a different side to what they had imagined and in a nutshell, the viewer is intrigued into the screen till the end of the video. The concluding lines are touching and you are left shaking for a while.

We give a big thumbs-up to sidhu for the same and expect more content like this .


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