'PHULKARI' by Baani Sandhu ft Dilpreet Dhillon, Western Penduz | New Punjabi Song 2020


Baani Sandhu is growing to be a youth sensation with all her bomb lyric’s surrounding womanhood. She is one of the  first female singer’s of the industry, who actually sing’s positive content for women and girl’s hum her song’s with a sense of confidence.She instills in women a sense of independence and pride with the way she present’s her lyrics, which is very positive because till now , women were made mockery of or targeted in Punjabi song’s. Talking about her latest song , “PHULKARI” with the very famous Dilpreet Dhillon is growing to be a sensation now. Dilpreet and Baani had collaborated  earlier too.

The video of the song is very fresh and really a kind of content , the punjabi industry is demanding , exactly something unique.


 Singer : Baani Sandhu

Featuring : Dilpreet Dhillon

Lyrics : Narinder Talwara

Music : Western Penduz

Video : A Real Artz Film

Director : Punnu Garcha

Produced By : Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Sidhu


Talking about the video , we witness Baani Sandhu making quite a style statement with her new look’s. She is rocking all the outfit’s. Dilpreet on the other hand look’s fresh and handsome. The video is very enthralling and has alot for the eyes.The direction has been done precisely and nothing look’s over. We congratulate both of them for their project.


SONG – 4.5/5



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