Have you ever loved someone selflessly?

Have you ever lost your heart to someone?

Have you ever felt heartbroken after loving but not achieving?

Have you had the urge to throw it out, but not found a way to!


Well Bpraak and Jaani are back with by far this year’s best composition of theirs, which will set your hearts on fire. Giving all those people their hymn for the year, who loved fiercely but could-not be united or one due to fate.


What begins with a beautiful shayri, is followed by beginning of the video with logos of Bpraak and Jaani which are just stunning!


On reading Arvinder Khaira’s name, we assume it to be a video directed by him but to our surprise, he hasn’t directed, but produced it!


Being a lyrical video, it actually is a benefit for both the production team and the audience too since them on saving budget, give the audience full mind to concentrate on the lyrics because otherwise a Bpraak, Jaani and Arvinder Khaira video is one you can’t take your eyes off!


The lyrics are not superficial. They are realistic to the extent that each and every person who even is in a relationship can relate. All age groups can relate. As usual, Jaani has ignited the flame again and we blame you jaani for arousing feeling’s when people already are idle at their places and away from their other half’s, Haha!


Anyway, on the concluding we are very happy with the outcome of the song and we just feel that Bpraak, Jaani and Arvinder Khaira is a team which look’s good together.


Jaani and Bpraak are a combination which are more likely like heart and the beat, both of them when work together, work wonders!

Studio Punjab gives the song a 5/5.

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