As much as fan’s have awaited ‘Ik Sandhu Hunda c’ , some have been deeply disappointed too! Lets take into consideration , the positive aspect’s of the movie first.Starting with the plot, it appear’s to be very fresh and the way it has been brought to life through the vision of Rakesh Mehta , the movie has some set’s and shot’s which yet being raw and normal , have been bought to life beautifully.As we learned from the poster and the trailer , our prediction’s of it being an action-thriller are true.Sandhu is apparently in a loveplot which is slightly twisted and he has to make a choice between his love and friend’s , which somewhat remain’s the basic plot of each and every punjabi film.The only aspect that feel’s unrealistic are the action scene’s because all the punches feel unrealistic coming from a not very muscular person.The action to a level feels fake but gippy on the other hand has tried his level best to get reality to life.The dialouges might’ve seen realistic but somewhere or not , Prince KJ somewhere failed to keep it lively.On the contrary , side lead’s such as Roshan Prince , Raghuveer Boli and other’s have tried to hold up to the spirit of the lacking.Neha Sharma , the leading actress who made a debut with the movie, gets a thumbs up for her spirit but at the same time , neha should spend some realtime learning punjabi and nazakhat to be precise.Other aspect which disturbed us is the dubbing , which was very poor.Overall , the movie is nice b ut alot better justics could be done.

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