2018-2019 has been the year wherein comedy has been experimented with in every project in punjabi industry. There came a time when audience was only accepting comedy but there also came a time when audience was gradually bored of the concept and was shifting to bollywood. Reacting to which, film makers came up with concepts which had comedy as a flavour and suspense or action or thrill as the genre. In short, comedy was now being kept as a flavour. But during this time , Amrinder Gill came up with an exciting idea of getting the masters of comedy from Pakistan into his film which released last year by the name we all have loved ,”Chal Mera Putt”. CMP was acknowledged and people loved it to the extent that even after it got down from the theatre’s, it was the most watched film on Amazon Prime in India. Recently, the makers released their sequel ,”Chal Mera Putt 2”, which despite the Corona Virus scare and shutting down of cinema’s , had the biggest numbers on the box office. It had a successful opening. Now, reviewing the movie, Amrinder Gill aka Jinder, looks natural and subtle as he is but we could not enjoy much of Gill , which maybe was due to the Pakistani comedians who were over-shadowing everyone or maybe he wanted them to come out more himself. Talking about the female lead, Simi Chahal aka Savvy , her way of dialogue delivery was appreciated the most but she was not given the screen-space she deserved. The highlight of the movie were Iftikhar Thakur , Nasir Chinyoti , Akram Udaas and Gurshabad Singh. Iftikhar thakur who was playing Shamsher Chaudhary, had a very bold style with his dialogue.Tavrez aka Chinyoti and Akram Udaas aka Boota were the two characters who were consistently holding on to the pace of the film. They were responsible for holding the film wherever it was falling low or boring.This movie jad a very interesting addition that is ,the very famous comedian Zafri who was enacting Bilal in the film.Bilal was a cherry on the top to the concept. Overall, the movie was a laughter riot and had a different concept of comedy but one needs to be alert to take the punches. Also, in some scenes it was slightly dragged. Studio punjab gives CHAL MERA PUTT 2 Movie – 4.5/5

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