Mandy Takhar’s Viral Video!!


A video showing Mandy Takhar in a compromising state has gone viral these days.

The video of the very popular British actress was uploaded to an unknown website 3 days ago and caught some eyes and had been circulating like wild fire since then.
After close analysis by the technicals it came out clear that the video have been morphed and a report has been given in cyber cell. But what’s shocking is that Mandy Takhar herself has silenced the matter by not speaking on it at all because of which fans had speculated their own theories.

It is easy for young and popular actresses to fall prey to these kinds of adult tactics because of some bullies. Recently Sonam Bajwa had also spoken about a video similar to this one which was being surfaced and a complained about it had been guve in the Cyber cell.

We hope these kind of sad and anger raging tactics stop at the very beginning.

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