Quarantine has got all of us to chill and rest for a time all of us required. It is a time in everyone’s life and also the first time in global era that even entertainment sectors are falling short of themselves to offer the audience.

Meanwhile, all the audience is tracking down on Instagram their idol’s or favorite star’s to have an insight to their quarantine routine. Well, all the stars are staying in and exploring their inner-potential. Some are seen cooking, some are seen spending time with their kids and family and some are constantly connecting with their fan’s by going live.

Fitness persists to be an important aspect of every star’s life. No matter, where they are in which condition they’re shooting, exercising is necessary in order to be in shape for them. The nation follow’s such idol’s for their workout routines, which also is a permanent question in all their interviews.

Many of the stars have been posting their workout session’s and yoga plan’s this while. But recently, there have been troll’s and negative criticism surrounding a post of Diljit Dosanjh.

Diljit Dosanjh is a Punjabi singer turned actor who now has heart’s across the nation’s since his latest movie ,”GOOD NEWZZ” grossed very well on the silver screen.

He recently uploaded a post asking people not to post their workout routines. Following this, a flood of criticism and comment’s started flowing in reverting, “What else shall we do when gym’s aren’t there” ,”Everyone does not  have a gym at their place like you do, they need home tutorials” and many more.

Even some punjabi model’s , Namely , “Gaurav Nagpal took it to his Instagram to revolt the same stating ,”I do not support diljit because people would turn into lazy potatoes if they do not workout. It’s necessary for healthy metabolism”.  He clearly explained the fact that star’s or influencer’s on Instagram , counting himself in, should be giving a lot of positive vibes and tips to their audience right now instead of getting them away from physical activity.

Also, many of the Bollywood and Polly-wood celebrities revolted back but, in a smart and polite way. To the fact, Sonam Bajwa even posted her workout routine tagging Diljit and stating the following

Now, whether Diljit posted this randomly or purposely is a question, but one thing is for sure, Physical Fitness is necessary. Don’t you think so?

Let us know in the comment section below!!!

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