We have often observed in the Punjabi industry, publicity stunts are carried out for self-promotion. Be it models of the industry or High famed singers. Punjabi singers have often been attacked for violating the norms and promoting guns and violence.

Recently, we learned the Dhakka fame, Sidhu Moosewala and G-lock fame, Mankirat Aulakh had been summoned by the Ludhiana police for singing obscene and violent lyrics in their snapchat. On being questioned, both of them gave a similar statement of not being aware of the rule and the song was a random one and none of them was aware of it being recorded on their snapchat’s.

Recently, another name has joined the list. The dhakka female lead, Afsana khan has been given some strict treatment and an FIR has been registered in her name for singing galling lyrics , indirectly promoting gun’s and violence. The former was performed by her in a school premises, which altogether is a negative influence to the youth.

Afsana khan was reportedly performing at the Government Senior Secondary School, Badal Village whereby she entertained the student’s with her famed songs, Dhakka and Haryanavi verses from another song. The video made its way viral on the internet. The audience was furious of her promoting gun culture in a school of upcoming youth.

The complaint was filed by Pandit Rao to the Muktsar police against Afsana Khan for violating the norm’s.

We learn that Afsana is an ex student of the same school. Muktsar SSP Raj Bacchan Singh Sandhu said, “We have received the complaint. We are looking into it.”

We assume Afsana and the other singers of our industry level up their game now and give us good and rich content, which thereby doesn’t pollute our youth.

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