Well well well , we see 2020 is changing trend’s and as much as we love Jagdeep Sidhu , the love is going to grow more as he is going to get our very favorite JAANI into the acting line.

The very famed writer , Jaani is not just a pollywood name, but now has grown to be a hearthrob of the masses.Jaani has always been very transparent with his love and profession al life.Jaani , who used to make all of our hearts flow out with love is now going to enact in a lovestory himself.

This news was made official by Sargun Mehta in her snapchat’s when ammy and jagdeep were at a house-party at sargun’s.Sargun , who seemed excited for her project , was equally elated about her friend Jaani in the plot.

Jaani , gave the music along with Bpraak for the former part of the movie.According to report’s , it was the music which bought Qismat’s level to bollywood.

Qismat has been Jagdeep’s most anticipated project and has also won heart’s of the people.It did good numbers at the box office too and so have jagdeep’s other projects too!But at the same time, this has led to more challenges for him too! Expectations from his projects are very high at this time and especially ‘Qismat 2’ is one movie which has a brand-value far superior than others.

Now the question that arises is that , Will this plot serve justice? Will this plot be different or a continued segment.Well our hopes are very high at the moment and we cant wait for Qismat 2!

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