The ‘LEHNGA’ fame, JASS MANAK , recently rose to fame due to his song’s ,namely, PRADA, LEHANGA,VIAH and BOSS. His song ,PRADA, appeared on the Billboard charts and his single , ‘LEHNGA’ has featured in Asian Music Chart and also on Global YouTube weekly chart.

Natively known as Jaspreet Singh Manak , he started his singing career with his debut song, ‘U-Turn’ in 2017 , but rose to prominence with his song , ‘PRADA’ which is one of the most streamed hits in India.

He has also contributed to social hits like ‘AGE 19’ and ‘BOSS’. Jass being only,20 years of age right now, earned a lot of success in an early age. He started off his career in a tender age and now, is one of the most famed celebrity.

Along with fame, Jass has also earned a lot of controversy.Jass manak has been accused by  several Famed A-star singer’s of Punjabi industry for various reason’s. His very famous song, ‘Lehnga’, with 501 million views on youtube , has been accused to be stolen. The ‘Sakhiyan’ fame, Maninder Buttar, has clearly stated in many of his interview’s that, ‘lehnga’ was a song penned down by him, which was picked up, remade with some slight changes ,and released by Jass Manak. Upon this , he commented that he recited to the lyrics to one of his friends who probably, leaked the lyrics to Jass and his team.Also, Buttar commented that Jass is known for stealing lyrics in the industry,indicating to sidhu moosewala’s incident.

Sidhu Moosewala, is one of the most hot selling and most blunt singer of the industry.Sidhu is currently placed at Number 17 in the mainstream national chart’s. During one of his live show’s, Sidhu called out record, label ‘GEET MP3’ and Jass Manak as cheater’s.Sidhu claimed that Jass Manak has stolen half of his song’s and released them too!Alot of their controversy can be seen over the internet, mainly the song ,DHOKHA, which is originally Sidhu’s. Jass is now being targeted by the A-list chartholder’s of the industry for stealing composition’s.

Now the question is, Jass Manak, who own’s a hundred million views on each of his video’s, is even worth of it or not?



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