It’s a good newzz for the Punjabi industry again, as our superstar , NEERU BAJWA welcomed home her twin’s. Neeru Bajwa is already a mother to beautiful Aanaya Kaur Jawanda.

Neeru is one such women in the industry who has proved us the fact that a women can manage her professional as well as personal life very well.Neeru is one such hardworking women who never fail’s to impress, be it her pregnancy look’s or her roles.

Neeru shared her picture’s from her baby shower a few days aback.Her family and friends were there to be with her and her glowing face made us fall for her allover again. She gave birth to Alia and Akira in Canada and sources have revealed their names as well.We assume Neeru herself wanted her fan’s to be updated with her ,reason why, she took no delay in revealing the names and the news.

Interestingly, she has named three of her daughter’s with the alphabet ‘A’, Aanaya , akira and alia.

She also completed 5 years of her marriage with her husband,which she shared upon Instagram with a picture of theirs dating back to ROME.

Daughters are always a blessing and we wish Neeru a heartiest congratulations and good health to Alia and Akira!

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