Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is covid positive!!


Dwane Johnson aka The Rock very recently uploaded a video to his Instagram account where he shared some insights about his and his family’s personal life struggle in recent times and how his wife Lauren and two baby girls of 2 and 4 years old tested postive of covid 19 just 2 weeks back.

The Rock stated in the video how scared and difficult it’s for not just him but for entire world during this time struggling with the pandemic and also learning to live with it.

He started the video with a rather funny notion by stating how many times has he been broke and punched on his face and faced major injuries but testing postive of covid 19 had been the toughest especially because he wants his family to be safe more than anything in the world.

He also stated how he not only spoke about himself but for everyone when he says that keeping your family safe is the utmost priority. He stated that his entire family caught the Covid from a very close family friend.

The Rock has always been popular among the Indian fans and entire world for how strong he is, hearing this news might have surely shocked alot of people but seems like now they are safe and sound.

The 12 minute video uploaded on his official Instagram account by himself is just a reminder from his side to stay inside the houses to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

Well we hope for their speedy recovery and strength.

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