Punjabi industry is one such industry which host’s a wide variety of talents every year.We witness different artist’s ,different musicians and different plot’s and a hundred of movie announcement’s.But due to some valid and invalid reason’s, half of them fail to make it to the big screen.The list of reason’s can be never-ending but a major reason which haunt’s the minds of many intelligent directors and confident producers is their plot.Film’s that hold a strong plot with history of violence are often kept behind the curtains,assuming it would pollute the mind’s of the youth and the audience.

Punjab has witnessed an array of gangster’s and riot’s which have haunted minds of the people and also inspired some of the youth too.In addition to censor boards, at time’s the government also step’s in when a movie is expected to blow off the crowd and disturb the law and order in the state.Particularly, films that indulge in bold,vulgar,gender indiscriminate, Political issues,spiritual and extreme intimacy are banned from release.

Punjab’s Chief Minister , Hon’ble Captain Amrinder Singh has ordered a BAN on the movie “SHOOTER”.The plot is supposed to exhibit violence,extortion,crime and violence , potraying the life of the famed gangster, Sukha Kahlwan.

Talking about gangster’s, “SHOOTER”, is one such film which has been in the eye’s of the audience and the government for a long time now.The plot has faced a lot of questions already,following which the title was changed from , the original gangster’s name , “SUKHA KAHLWAN” to “SHOOTER”. Sukha is the name of the gangster to whom the plot was dedicated.It is originally a biopic of the former,which is played by the protagonist, Jayy Randhawa and has been directed and bought to vision by Tru Makers.It is to be released under the label of Geet Mp3 and Omjee Star Studios.It was supposed to be released on 21st February,2020.

This movie shall also prove to be a turning road for Jayy Randhawa himself.

The assets of the production house and the future of the artists is now at a stake until any further verdict is announced.

Should such strong concept’s be bought to life, or should be kept behind the curtains?

Comment your views!

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