Shooter has been one of the most anticipated film of 2020 but by unfortunate toll of situations, could not find its way to the silver screen. Apart from the movie, the song’s has already made their way to the charts and the song, “Shoot da order” remained on trending for a long while.

Shooter was going to be a punjabi movie based on the life-history of one of the most dreaded gangsters of punjab, “Sukha Kahlon”. The film was directed by Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh.Starring Jay Randhawa , Vadda grewal and Swalina, the film was going to be released under the banner of  ‘GK DIGITAL’.

As soon as the trailer was released over YouTube, it gained a lot of love and heart’s and was one of the most trending. People were excited to see a concept far away from comedy. The trailer seemed to be raw and had a lot of stark resemblance with the original ones.

This film was supposed to be a turning point for the career of Jayy Randhawa but unfortunately due to CM Captain Amrinder Singh’s verdict, that the film contains content which promotes violence and crime. He believed it to be of wrong influence and thought it would provoke people to follow him.

The audience was deeply disheartened by the decision and had nothing to do instead of dropping the expectations of ever seeing the movie on cinema. Also, due to the ban of the movie, certain film’s namely, “Ik Sandhu Hunda si” and some other’s gained out of it.

But recently, we learned there have been a lot of conspiracy as the movie was leaked to the internet. Over the night, it spread all over the internet and various torrent sites acquired it and by now almost half of the audience has seen it.

We think that might be the filmmaker’s leaked it acquiring the benefit of the lockdown period. They somewhere knew it would gain a lot of viewership and genuine reviews. But we still cannot bet on the fact and there might be some other side to the story too!

We are not sure of the whereabouts but anyway, did you watch it?

If yes, Please drop in your review on the movie below.

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